CLI Commands and Usage

  • sdk login

    Accepts --profile, --api-key, --insecure, --username, and --password. Username and Password are only able to be provided when using the default identity provider. When neither are provided, the login will need to be completed using the browser via an OAuth2 flow. Insecure flag is used to configure the login request to use HTTP over HTTPS. The API Key flag is used to provide an API key as credentials. When API key is used as credentials, the profile flag must also be used to tell the CLI which profile the API key is going to be associated with.

  • sdk list-profiles

    Lists the profiles previously configured with sdk login. Also shows which profile is the active profile.

  • sdk use-profile

    Sets the active profile. First argument must be a string matching the name of a previously configured profile.

  • sdk remove-profile

    Removes the profile from the current list of configured profiles, and deletes the credentials.

  • sdk create-key

    Creates an API key for later use as credentials in another CLI session. This API key will not be retreivable after being issued, so don’t lose it.

  • sdk list-keys

    Lists all the known API keys of the active profile. Only lists the names of the keys, not the keys themselves.

  • sdk remove-key

    Removes and revokes the indicated key. That key will no longer be valid for any session. Any profiles using that API key will be invalidated.