sightline.simon.config — Configuration Functions

These functions are for managing the SDK configuration, primarily for authentication and profile management.


The directory that is being used to contain the SDK configuration files


The base SDK configuration file


The SDK docker configuration file, used to hold credentials used with the docker credential helper.

class sightline.simon.config.Profile[source]

A Python object representation of a DTaaS Profile.

  • full_url

    The full URL of the node that this Profile references

  • get_from_config(profile_name: str)[source]

    Returns the Profile from the config with the name profile_name. Raises ConfigError if the profile does not exist.

  • client_data

    The Client ID and Secret for the node that this Profile references

  • to_dict()[source]

    Returns the Profile data as a dictionary

sightline.simon.config.get_profile(profile_name: str)[source]

Returns the Profile with name matching profile_name

sightline.simon.config.set_profile(name: str, domain: str, access_token: str, refresh_token: str = None, expiry: float = None, tls: bool = True)[source]

Creates a Profile in the SDK configuration. Returns None.


Returns the currently active Profile from the configuration.

sightline.simon.config.as_profile(profile_name: str)[source]

Returns a ContextManager that can be used to impersonate the Profile with profile_name.


Returns a list of all known Profiles.

sightline.simon.config.remove_profile(profile_name: str)[source]

Removes the Profile identified by profile_name and saves the configuration. If the active Profile is the one removed, a new Profile is set as active. If no remaining Profiles are available, no Profiles will be active afterwards.

sightline.simon.config.set_oauth_credentials(domain: str, client_id: str, client_secret: str, tls: bool = True)[source]

Low level function used to set the OAuth client credentials for a particular node identified by domain.

sightline.simon.config.get_oauth_credentials(domain: str)[source]

Low level function used to get the OAuth client credentials for a particular node identified by domain.